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You may be thinking you don't need a separate home business insurance policy since you are starting your business from home.

However, just because you are starting your business from home, don’t rely on your homeowner’s policy to protect your home business. Most homeowner’s insurance policies will offer some coverage for a home business, but they are limited.

It is very important to have adequate small business liability insurance coverage not only to protect your business, but also your home. Don’t place your home or business in jeopardy by not having the proper

Talk with your current insurance agent to see if you can add an insurance rider to your current homeowner’s policy. Adding a rider to an existing policy would be a quick way to obtain your small business insurance coverage and possibly the cheapest. Some companies will not offer a rider and will require you to obtain a separate policy.

Be sure to disclose the full details of your home business to your insurance agent. If your home business involves selling goods then your protection needs may be very different from someone who offers a service.

Do you plan to have employees? Will you need to look at business health insurance small business plans?

Be sure and ask your agent to help or direct you with any health insurance for small business needs as well. You want to be sure you have the proper insurance coverage for your business.

Once you know the insurance coverage you are going to need, you may want to get a couple other quotes just to compare. Be sure to compare the price, as well as the deductibles and coverage for each quote. This way you will know you are getting the most

affordable business health insurance plan.

If the costs are higher than you are comfortable with, you may want to consider taking a higher deductible to see if this can bring the policy costs down.

Just remember, proper small business insurance coverage is the one thing your business can't afford to be without.

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