Small Business
Internet Marketing!

Small business internet marketing can be some of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business.

Now that you have decided to start a small business you are probably very eager to spread the word, but may be thinking where and how do you start?

You can start by writing a press release about the opening of your new business and sending it out to area papers.

Press Release

You always want to have a good reason before sending in any press release and a grand opening of a new business is a good reason. First, call several of the local papers in your area and ask them who the editor is and when would be the best time to email your press release. I have done this several times and they have always been very helpful. A press release can give your business some good and free publicity, so start there.


A great way to do some business internet marketing and create awareness about your new business is by using Facebook. Facebook is the biggest social-networking site in the world and with over 750 million users, you defiantly want to be sure and create a buzz about your new business there.

Business Website

A business website is another great way to advertise your business. In today’s market, a business website is a must when it comes to advertising and marketing any small business. So if you don't have a business website, be sure and get one today. You can also lean how to make your own website.
A business website and Facebook are two of the best places for you to share your small business marketing ideas and when it comes to advertising your business, why leave anything off.

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