Small Business Tax Software!

Using the right small business tax software is one way you can ensure that all income and expenses are recorded accurately, both for the business and for any employees you may have.

Knowing the features you must have and the features you know you want can help you find the best software for your business. Taxes is one area when accurate record keeping is a must.

If you plan to handle your own small business taxes, here are three of the top tax software services available for small businesses and they all offer unique sets of benefits.


TurboTax provides two levels of small business tax software: Home & Business or Business. Once you’ve chosen the correct software, TurboTax will give you everything you need in the tax software. You can complete you taxes online or purchase the program at a retailer, and either way you are going to get phone, email, and chat support along with user forums to help you get the job done right. You can also purchase professional audit defense or tax consulting services at additional fees.

H&R Block

Through H&R Block, you can file your small business taxes online or through software that you download or purchase at a retailer and install. You get all of the support that TurboTax offers with the exception of the user forums for guidance. The professional audit defense and tax consulting services are available, but at additional fees.


In many ways, TaxACT offers the same services as TurboTax and H&R Block, but for a lower prices. You won’t find chat support or user forums, and the audit defense or consulting services are not available at all. However, the tax software will guide you through the exact same steps and you do have phone and email support to help if the need arises.

Taxes are a part of life and they will never go away. So find the right software because paying them regularly and correctly is important.

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