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Are you looking for small business web design hosting services? You can find various types of web hosting options, from high cost commercial web hosts to free web hosts. Here are some important points to consider when looking for small business web design hosting.

Customer Support
When you need help, you want good technical support. If your site has problems, support will help you get back up and running, saving you money and time. Free or low cost web hosting can result in frequent "down-times" (inability to access your web site) or little to no technical support. Make sure your web hosting service has a local or toll-free number to reach customer support. Chat and customer support forums with online documentation are a popular option as well.

Disk Storage Space and Bandwidth
Proper limits are important so you can meet the growing needs of your company. Each visitor to your web site will need a certain amount of bandwidth to be able to view each page. You don’t want to overpay for a larger site than you need, but you also don’t want to underestimate your traffic. Make sure of what your service provider charges for extra bandwidth and what penalties there are if you exceed your allocations. Watch out for data transfer limits.
Server Software
Most paid hosting services offer software that you can use. This software can include CGI, PHP, blogging software. This software is usually housed on the hosting company's servers and you will be provided logins to access it.

Administrative Access
Make sure that if you prefer one style of accessing your site, that your host provides it. Some hosting services will require you to login through your browser and others will have you download a program that you will work in that you will sync with their servers when you feel it necessary.

It’s important not to choose web design hosting solely on price. Basic services include CGI access, database support, ASP, ecommerce, SSL, extra space, and extra bandwidth. A number of hosting providers set themselves apart by offering services that go beyond hosting. These include domain names, web analytics tools, content management, and more.

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