Steps to Starting a Business!

Steps to starting a business can be fairly simple if you take your time and do a little investigating prior to taking your first step.

There are several steps that go into starting a business which can make the whole process pretty overwhelming if you don't have any experience or the resources to get your started.

Knowing where to find the answers to a few simple questions can help get you up and ready for business in no time.

Here are some basic questions to help you toward starting a business:

What and Where

What kind of business are you going to start? This is the first step to any business. Once you have decided on the business you want to start, the next thing you want to think about is where.

Where are you going to operate your business from? Will it be out of your houses or at another location?

Name and Domain

What is the name of your business?

If you are not using your own name and planning on using a fictitious business name, you need to look it up online to make sure that nobody else has yet registered the name. You can also contact your local clerk’s office for more information. Then, you simply register the name as "doing business as" if you are operating as a Sole Proprietorship. If you are uncertain how to set your business up you may want to discuss your options with a business counselor at your local small business center. Their services are always free.

Whether your business will be brick and mortar or not you will want an online presence so don't forget to register your company’s domain name and get a business website and some hosting!

Need help with a website? See

Licenses and Insurance

There are many types of licenses, both state and local. Licenses are typically administered at a local department. Consult your local government to find out what licenses you are required to have.

Your business insurance protects your business and some types of coverage may be required by law, so contact your local insurance agent to discuss these options.

Business Plan

It is extremely important to put together a business plan especially if you are going to need a small business loan.

Having a business plan let's you know what you should expect, and how to handle certain situations that might arise. You can find it pretty easy to put together if you already have a good idea of what your business is all about. A good business plan should contain introduction, marketing, financial management, operations and the ending statement. If you need help writing a business plan visit SBA. gov.

These are just a few simple steps to starting a business, but can get you headed in the right direction toward building your small business.

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